Fall Equinox

Fire Voice Fall Equinox New Moon Retreat
September 18-20, 2020

Online or In Person

Honour the Wisdom of the Elemental Teachers and learn to hear the voices of the Ancestors who have come before us.  Experience a powerful Clarity Quest and journey deep into the Sacred Earth Mysteries, as we open the Gate to the archetypal wisdom of the Celtic Fall Equinox and the alchemy of the Sacred Fire.

  • Explore and develop your connection to the vibrational consciousness of the Elemental Teachers via Shamanic Archetypes and Wisdom Wheel Teachings
  • Learn how to tune in and align to the Voice and Teachings of the Fire to deepen your awareness and transform collective and karmic issues in the death/rebirth process of the Soul’s journey
  • Discover new clarity, perceptions and choices on the Earth Walk and open and align to the wisdom of the Soul’s alchemical journey
Friday September 18

Arrive and Ground
Opening Meditation and
Aligning to the New Moon Fall Equinox

Saturday September 19

Sunrise Lighting of the Fires at ARC or Sunrise Meditation

10 am – 12 pm – in person or online
Honouring the Wisdom of the Fall Equinox

Reflection Time at the Fires

8 pm
Group Fire Ceremony at ARC

Sunday September 20

8 am – 10 am
New Moon Fall Equinox Shamanic Group Alchemy at ARC (optional)

10 am – 12 pm
Closing Blessings and New Moon Teachings

Reflection Time at the Fires

7:30 pm
Online New Moon Fall Equinox Shamanic Group Alchemy (optional)

Monday September 21

Extended Stay Option available or book a Thirteen Canoes© Soul Consultation and extend your stay as our guest.

Note: all aspects of the retreat will operate following our COVID-19 Protocols