Major Lunar Standstill

The phenomenon of the Major Lunar Standstill in essence, tracks the transit of the Moon during the peak of the Moon’s 18.6-year orbital cycle. The Moon reaches places in the sky that the Sun can never reach. The observable effects of the Major Lunar Standstill are thought to last between 2 – 5 years. This alignment last occurred in 2006, and the next Major Lunar Standstill will occur in 2024/25.

The fact that the Moon rises higher than the Sun in relation to the living, breathing landscape is significant, as it represents a celestial alignment that connects to the Tribal Prophecies of the Indigenous Peoples. In the Seneca/Celtic Prophecy, we understand that we are leaving the 4th World and entering into the 5th World. In this Tribal Prophecy, it is understood that during the last two Major Lunar Standstills (1987 and 2006), we began the evolutionary process of leaving 26,000 years of karma behind us. Every Major Lunar Standstill that we experience supports us in energetically realigning and re-encoding our biological chemistry and energetic biofield.

Indigenous tribes around the globe observed and integrated these solar and lunar alignments into their lives and cultures, celebrating the dance of these energies throughout the sacred landscape. And in relationship to the sacred landscape, as a sacred circle and on-going co-creative conversation. [1]

[1] The Sacred Landscape, The Lunar Standstill and the Magic of The Moon: A Tribal Perspective for Eastern and Western Astrologers
Gaisheda Kheawok