Imbolc Meditation and Blessings from the Mother

As we pass through the New Moon Gate and the Astrological and Celestial Alignments of 2020 I trust that you are honouring the Winds of Change and opening to the seeds of Imbolc, illuminated in our Next Full Moon on February 10. As I have travelled through The South Pacific and New Zealand in this past month I have heard the Whispers of the Earth Mother and our Ancestors.

The Return of The Sun King/The Sacred Masculine propels us towards a New Way of walking as we remember the Wisdom of the Soul and let go of the Karmic Patterns of the 4th world; the world of separation.

We can see this as challenging or we can, with gratitude, know that all sentient beings, known and unknown, are supporting us in the Remembrance of The Souls Journey. We are a Tribe; we are of The Earth Tribe, each of us a Unique and Amazing Soul Crystal. Awaken, Awaken, Awaken, and Trust that we are indeed Building the Rainbow Bridge of Peace Love and Wisdom.

I look forward to sharing with you all in the next few months. We have some amazing programs, classes and Earth Mystery Retreats. May the Love and Light of Creation Bless you and may the Full Moon Blessings of Imbolc grant you the seeds of Wisdom to Elevate and Support your Journey.

In Her Name May It Be So

Gaisheda Kheawok

Messenger of the Mother
The Whispering Song School of Energy Medicine