Entering into the Time of the Sacred Dream

As we reflect upon the dark moon at the darkest time of the year we enter into the time of the Sacred Dream.

“Dreaming the Dream Awake”; a time to Dream with the Great Mother so that we can bring back the seeds of creation into the Earth Plane via the Return of the Sun King. The Winter Solstice marks the end of the Dream (Yin) and the Return of Sun King (Yang).

At this time of year we tell the story of Winter Mother and The Sun King. Of how the Earth Mother and The Sun King in a co-created relationship with the two-legged began to feel tired and not appreciated. So they decide to rest. Darkness and Cold descended in the form of snow and Winter Mother covered the Earth Mother with her tears marking the first snow fall. The people were afraid, never had the Earth Mother or Sun King left them. They remembered an old Wise Woman who lived in the mountains and obtained her advice. She reminds them that they have forgotten their way. That without Gratitude there can be no Wisdom or Abundance on the Earth Walk.

The villagers go home and create a great festival and prepare food and songs honouring the Earth Mother and The Sun King for their abundance love and support. Honouring the Sacred Dream of Winter Mother as we honour the Darkest time of the Year and the Return of the Sun.

The Earth Mother and The Sun King hear the Love of the People and they are reawakened from the Dream. However to preserve the Wisdom it was decided that each year the Sun King and The Earth Mother would rest and Winter Mother would support the Dream of Creation story so that all people would remember the Importance of GRATITUDE for without it we can never align to WISDOM.

Printed with permission from The Book of Wisdom
© Gaisheda Kheawok

As The Wheel Turns and we honour this time of year, I trust that you and yours appreciate all of the lessons and learnings that this year has given us. That you will choose as a soul to take responsibility for your own journey and begin to honour, listen, and love the whispers of your own soul journey and dream.

I am travelling with the Earth Mother and we are Dreaming the Dream Awake. I reflect to you that 2020 will be a time of great change. May the Love and Light of Creation Bless You and Yours in whatever way you choose to celebrate and may we each honour ourselves and others in the Love of the Creation Story.

Happy Winter Solstice Blessings