Body Soul Spirit

ASEM  Body Soul Spirit
Participants will learn the guiding principles of Archetypal Shamanic Energy MedicineTM and the foundation teachings of the Sacred Feminine (Earth) and Sacred Masculine (Sun) that sustain alignment to the highest vibrational frequency.

Shamanic Kirtan
Whole Life Expo

Shamanic Kirtan Whole Life Expo
2:45 pm–3:45 pm
Metro Toronto Convention Centre
Lecture Hall 206-B


Personal Consultations
In the tribal Tradition we understand that Creation has a unique language which connects and links all living things. This archetype is represented by the circle. Each aspect of Creation Story has a wheel of wisdom.

Messages from the Ancestors

Samhain Messages from the Ancestors
We will celebrate the Ancestors and honour the darkest time of the year, Samhain, also known as Halloween - the Day of the Dead.

Archetypal Shamanic
Energy Medicine

Archetypal Shamanic Energy Medicine
(ASEM) is recognized as one of the most powerful forms of Energy Healing therapies today and is the foundation and gateway to alchemically transforming and evolving frequencies to their state of ultimate balance.

Archetypal Shamanic Meditation
and the Wisdom of Sacred Sound

Archetypal Shamanic Meditation and the Wisdom of Sacred Sound
The ancient practice of meditation, strongly established in universal Tribal traditions, is vital to our spiritual and physical unfoldment. This mindfulness course will help you define your understandings of meditation and discover the transformative power of Shamanic Meditation.

Creature Teachers

Creature Teachers
Develop your ability to communicate with the Creature Teachers, accessing your gifts of birth through their wisdom and medicine to illuminate who you are - from the place of Soul.

The Stone People

The Stone People
Learn the Shamanic Approach to reconnect to the Wisdom of the Stone and Crystal People. Develop your ability to tune in to their messages and develop honouring conversations with the Mineral Kingdom in the day-to-day

Group Alchemies

Group Alchemies
A Shamanic Archetypal Alchemy and Teaching is an opportunity to support us in working through collective issues utilizing Archetypal Shamanic Soul-Based Energy Based Medicine™.