Summer Solstice 2018

Summer Solstice 2018
Receive the warmth of the Sun King’s message and honour the time of the longest day and the shortest night as we enter into the Dream of the Sacred Feminine Cycle.

Lunar Lammas 2018

Lunar Lammas 2018
Experience the magic of the Full Moon Lunar Lammas and receive the abundance of the First Harvest. Celebrate your Soul’s Journey and prepare for your next steps as we move deeper into the Sacred Feminine cycle.

Initiation Priestess

Initiation Priestess
Experience the Circle of Women’s Mysteries and initiate into the gateway and Portals of the Priestess through the Celtic Calendar Fall Equinox Fire Teachings.

Thirteen Canoes®
Navigating our Gifts of Birth

Thirteen Canoes®  Navigating our Gifts of Birth
Receive your Soul’s Gifts of Birth, represented by the Thirteen Canoes® Shamanic Archetypes. Celebrate and open to the Wisdom that lives within!


Personal Consultations
In the tribal Tradition we understand that Creation has a unique language which connects and links all living things. This archetype is represented by the circle. Each aspect of Creation Story has a wheel of wisdom.


Group   Alchemies
In the Tribal Tradition, we understand that when two or more gather in the Sacred Circle, the ability to experience pivotal shifts of consciousness is greatly amplified.