Spring Equinox – Celtic Wisdom Wheel Event | includes Shamanic Alchemy

Ignite the flame within as we gather the seeds of Wisdom blessed by the Triple Goddess Brigid and welcome the Return of the Sun King marking the advent of Spring.



Friday March 19, 2021

3pm – 7pm
Personal Online Sessions

SATURDAY March 20, 2021

8am – 9am
Opening Spring Equinox Water Ritual and Meditation

10am – 12pm
Honouring the Spring Equinox
A Water and Quarter Day Festival
Celebrating the Goddess Ostara, Goddess of Spring

2pm – 4pm
The Great Equalizer
Spring Equinox symbolizes the Astrological New Year
A time for New Beginnings and Fresh Starts

SUNDAY March 21, 2021

10am – 12pm
Spring Equinox Shamanic Group Alchemy (included)

Equinox – Celtic Wisdom Wheel Event

Saturday, Mar 20, 2021 10:00 AM