The Eye of Time, a global awakening

As we enter into the time of The Prophecy, The Time of The Great Awakening, we know that as Soul’s we are called to become that which we already are. This year as we enter into the New Year which started on the New Moon on the 25th and partial eclipse on the 26th we are letting go of a way of the life that is not congruent with who we are as soul’s.

As the Wheel turns I am travelling with Aleksander Imsiragic and Dr. Lea Imsiragic and we are aligning consciously to this gate and global awakening. What we are calling the EYE OF TIME.  In the South Pacific the energies of Lost Lands that live in the sea are being consciously activated so that we can align to our true SOULS DIVINE purposes. The Great Planetary Awakening is reflected in the Great Planetary Conjunctions Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. This year is an important crossroads for Humanity and we can expect significant awakenings both globally and individually.

In the Name of All that is, know that all sentient beings however you see them are coming towards us in this great gate to support and align us. Open your hearts and let go and trust that as you do so, more Love then you can ever imagine will support and guide you on your journey. I look forward to this amazing year and sharing its teachings and Wisdom with you. May the Love and Light of the Creation Story open you and may you trust the journey.

Much Love and Infinite Blessings in this time of Great Change

Gaisheda Kheawok
Executive Director
Messenger of the Mother
The Whispering Song School of Energy Medicine