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Sacred Sites – A Return to Avalon

Sacred Sites: Entering In the Magic - A Return to Avalon   Sacred Pilgrimage May 5 - 10, 2016 The Art of Geomancy is the Divination of the Earth Energies. In this Sacred Site pilgrimage, we will follow the wisdom of the Michael/Mary ley lines through the heart of England, aligning ourselves to the Wisdom of the Ancients. Following in the steps of the Avalonians, we will visit and align to the magic and mystery of Glastonbury, The Chalice Well, The Tor, The Red/White Springs, The Glastonbury Abbey and Zodiac/Avebury Stone Circle/Complex and Merlins Temple—Stone-Henge. A workshop designed for men and woman to align and empower their soul's journey and connection to the Sacred Sites of Avalon.For more information contact: gaishedakheawok@gmail.com

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