Thirteen Canoes® – Navigating our Intuitive Gifts of Birth

3 Month Online Study Program

January 17 – March 28,  2023

9 classes, 3 class per month
Open to all levels of study.

Early Bird pricing ends December 21, 2022.


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The Thirteen Canoes® represents the highest vibration of our Soul’s wisdom. Each of us has 13 Intuitive Gifts of Birth, represented by colour and frequency, which can be charted on the Thirteen Canoes® Wisdom Wheels.

This powerful Teaching represents a blueprint of our Soul’s purpose, providing the guidance necessary to navigate our Earth Walk as we journey with The Mother towards the highest expression of ourselves.

Thirteen Canoes® Online Study Program 

 A powerful program and tool to discover who you are as a Soul, illuminate your Divine purpose and align to the Highest vibrational expression in the day-to-day.  

  • Receive your Thirteen Intuitive Gifts of Birth, represented by the archetypes of the Thirteen Canoes® Tradition
  • Three times each month, experience live, interactive tutorials with Gaisheda Kheawok, Messenger of The Mother
  • Receive a beautiful Thirteen Canoes® Divination Card Set and Booklet
  • Online Workbook and Study Guide
  • Unlimited time access to the Thirteen Canoes® Online Video Lessons and Tutorials, to support you in enhancing and deepening your learning journey on an ongoing basis
  • Learn how to facilitate and read the Thirteen Canoes Wisdom Wheel Charts and Divination Cards to support yourself and your clients

Bonus Offerings: 

  • Thirteen Canoes® Four Directional Wisdom Wheel™ Teachings and Charts
  • 10% Discount to attend a future retreat at the Avalon Retreat Centre in the Beautiful Madawaska Valley

*This course is a prerequisite to all ASEM® foundational teachings and must be completed before registering for other advanced courses. 

Course Dates:
Tue Jan 17, 2023
Tue Jan 24, 2023
Tue Jan 31, 2023
Tue Feb 14, 2023
Tue Feb 21, 2023
Tue Feb 28, 2023
Tue Mar 14, 2023
Tue Mar 21, 2023
Tue Mar 28, 2023