Halloween Online Full Moon Retreat

As We honour the Third Harvest of Samhain, also known as Halloween and the Day of the Dead, we will honour those who have come before at the time when the veils of the invisible world become apparent.  Open your heart and soul to the Alchemical Wisdom of the Full Moon Celtic Wisdom Wheel Teachings.



Friday October 30, 2020

7pm – 9pm
The Celtic Calendar Wisdom Wheel
Honouring the Ancestors – Those Who Have Come Before

Saturday October 31, 2020

8am – 10am
Shamanic Group Alchemy – Honouring the Third Harvest
Full Moon Illumination

10am – 1pm
Samhain and Full Moon Wisdom Wheel Teachings
Honouring the Time of the Great Awakening
We will explore the last cycle of 2020 in preparation for the Saturn/Jupiter Winter Solstice Alignment and Teaching