Heart Chakra Alignment Lunar Full Moon Eclipse

As we moved through the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on Friday January 10 (Southern Hemisphere), we were supported in our Illuminations of letting go of deep Karmic patterning from the Past. Following the Lunar Full Moon Eclipse we will have the first of 5 rare Great Planetary Conjunctions occurring in 2020.

What makes 2020 unique is the fact that we will have three conjunction between Jupiter and Pluto and one conjunction between Saturn and Pluto; as well as the most important conjunction of the year between Jupiter and Saturn on the Winter Solstice December 21, 2020.

What this means is that humanity is at a crossroads and that it is important as we move into the first of these planetary conjunctions that we remain peaceful and acknowledge that we are SOULS; that a Great Awakening is Occurring and that it is time for you to honour and support this FACT. To honour that we have lived many lifetimes and that we are awakening the essence of who we are, letting go the PAST, and being given new opportunities to move into the 5th Dimensional Frequencies of the Creation Story. We are not alone and Sentient Beings from all aspects of the Creation Story are building an energetic bridge with us to support and align us to the 5th Dimension.

For those of you who have wondered “why you are here?” it is time for you to Remember that this is our time. Remember to focus through the Lunar Full Moon Eclipse and Pluto Saturn Conjunction January 12th and know that you are supporting the planet and yourself in letting go of the PAST AND MOVING INTO THE FUTURE.

The Pluto and Saturn Conjunction on January 12th is significant as it will take place in the sign of Capricorn on Saturn’s South Node. With the Sun and Mercury joining the Party, this fourfold alignment will awaken deep subconscious memories, experiences, and traumas that linger in our collective consciousness from ancient times.

As I travel the South Pacific moving back and forth between datelines literally the past and the future I see we are a planet in crisis from the wars of the world to the fires of Australia. BE PEACEFUL AND ACKNOWLEDGE THAT YOU WILL BE GIVEN THE TOOLS TO SUPPORT YOUR JOURNEY AND THE AWAKENING PROCESS. YOU ARE SO MUCH MORE THEN YOU CAN EVER IMAGINE TRUST THE LOVE OF THE CREATION STORY AND KNOW THAT YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

I will be sending a link to a meditation and connection on the 12th. I will be in Morea Tahiti, known as the HEART CHAKRA of the Earth, working with Aleksander Imsiragic president of ISAR AND Dr. Lea Imsiragic, honouring this planetary bridge and alignment. Stay in the Love and trust that you can make a difference by meditating and honouring this gate in your life and the collective field of consciousness.

May you open your heart to your next steps, May you trust you are not the past, and May you know and connect to the Creation Story.

Love Hugs and Blessings

Gaisheda Kheawok
Messenger for the Mother