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The Magic and Wisdom of Energy Astrology

Love, Magic and Energy Astrology – A special Energy Medicine Astrological Event with international guest speakers; Aleksandar and Lea Imsiragic. Experience this extraordinary workshop combining Aleksandar and Lea’s extensive knowledge and practice in Energy Astrology, Meditation and Astro-healing.


Friday, July 28 2017

The Magic and Wisdom of Energy Astrology:

An informative evening and introduction to Energy Astrology with Aleksandar Imsiragic and Dr. Lea Imsiragic.

Opening Ceremony
with Gaisheda Kheawok
Founder and Executive Director of the Whispering Song School of Energy Medicine, known internationally as The Messenger of the Mother.

Location: Holiday Inn Bloor-Yorkville
280 Bloor St W, Toronto
Time: 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm
Cost: $40.00

Saturday, July 29 2017

Embracing the Soul’s Gifts via Venus and Jupiter Magic:
Dr. Lea Imsiragic
Venus represents our ability to surrender and enjoy. Jupiter on an energy level represents the higher being that we carry inside ourselves. Learn to honour the Jupiter that is whole and strong and connects with the joy of Venus to love the practical in our divine plans and purposes and how to manifest it in your life.

The Astrology of Incarnation – Strings Between Time:
Aleksandar Imsiragic
Everyone lives through three incarnations simultaneously at any moment. In this lecture, we will define these three different incarnations and describe a way to unite those different lives in order to create one real Cosmic Life that represents our True Being.

Location: Holiday Inn Bloor-Yorkville
280 Bloor St W, Toronto
Time: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
Cost: $150

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