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Earth Mysteries

 Earth Mysteries Earth Mysteries Earth MysteriesThe Art of Geomancy is the Divination of the Earth Energies, interpreting the story and frequency of the Earth. Every place, building, piece of land or city block covered in concrete has a story. It is the geomancer’s job to connect consciously to the land, to listen and bring the land, structures and places more into harmony with the Earth Mother.

For decades Tribal Elder and Teacher Gaisheda Kheawok has travelled the Earth as a geomancer, facilitating innumerable Sacred Site Pilgrimages across the globe and guiding pilgrims in life-changing experiences of connecting to the Consciousness of the Earth Mother. Within the Geomancing movement, Gaisheda’s formidable and unparalleled knowledge, experience and Wisdom has supported and guided countless pilgrims in transformational Earth Mysteries Events – following the Wisdom of the ley lines and experiencing and charting the Sacred, both abroad and in our own backyards.

To enquire for more information, or to register, contact: gaishedakheawok@gmail.com, arc@whisperingsong.ca, or phone: 416-588-4503.

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