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Gaisheda Kheawok

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Gaisheda Kheawok is a Medicine Person, Seer, Tribal Elder and Leader of Earth-Based Spirituality. Her ground-breaking work in Shamanic Soul-Based Energy Medicine™ pioneers the bridge between ancient Tribal Teachings and contemporary counseling practices.

In the spirit of the song lines, Gaisheda moves between Toronto, Lakefield and the Avalon Retreat Centre in the Madawaska Valley. She travels extensively to Sacred Sites around the world and stewards the North American Sacred Sites known as the Avalon Retreat Centre and Magdalene. Her work with the alignment of the Earth energies is highly respected by both researchers and participants within the Earth Mysteries movement.

In 2011, Gaisheda Kheawok’s Eldership was consecrated, acknowledging her in the eyes of her community and tribe as an Elder and Peacekeeper. From this day forward she is known as Messenger of the Mother.

Serving Lakefield, Toronto and the Madawaska Valley.

When you know who you are,
you know what you are meant to do.

—Gaisheda Kheawok

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