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Archetypal Shamanic Energy Medicine™ - The Sacred Language and Science of Sound -- Sunday October 22, 2017 - Grey Eagle Resort, Calgary

In the Seneca and Celtic traditions, being a Singer is synonymous with Healing. In the Shamanic Energy Medicine Tradition, “everything is energy and everything is frequency.” Sacred Sound bypasses the storylines of the mental and emotional bodies and goes directly to the source of dis-comfort. Sound heightens spiritual awareness, releases suppressed emotions, changes thought patterning, and establishes new belief systems on levels in the subtle energy bodies.

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Shamanic Kirtan - SATURDAY NOVEMBER 4, 2017 2:45 pm–3:45 pm WHOLE LIFE EXPO Metro Toronto Convention Centre Lecture Hall 206-B

Experience an alchemical fusion of the ancient and sacred traditions of Kirtan and Shamanic Meditation in this powerful workshop with Master Meditation Teacher and Tribal Elder Gaisheda Kheawok.   Join us as we explore the wisdom and transformative power of Sacred sound as a universal language long known and utilized by the tribal peoples to transform and heal.  Learn how to integrate the mindful use of Sacred Sound with Shamanic Energy Medicine and Meditation to facilitate significant alchemical changes in the four lower bodies (Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical).  Rejuvenate and enhance your meditation and yogic practices, and engage dimensions of healing that extend beyond cognitive limitations.

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Archetypal Shamanic Energy Medicine™ -- Saturday, November 18, 2017

Archetypal Shamanic Energy Medicine TM (ASEM) is recognized as one of the most powerful forms of Energy Healing therapies today and is the foundation and gateway to alchemically transforming and evolving frequencies to their state of ultimate balance. This professional development course supports practitioners and students to build a strong foundation in Archetypal Shamanic Energy Medicine TM and strengthen personal and professional therapeutic practices. You will learn core concepts and definitions, receive professional Protocols and guiding Principles, and explore ASEM Foundational Teachings. We will examine the 4 Lower Bodies (Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual) and learn powerful techniques to align to the highest vibrational frequency and facilitate the Soul-to- Soul in your own Soul’s journey.

Price: $75 plus HST ($84.75)
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The Magic and Mystery of the Creature Teachers Sunday, November 19, 2017 9:00 am – 4:00 pm Toronto Kiva

Revitalize your connection to the Animal Kingdom and learn to experience the Creature Teachers from a new and powerful perspective.  In this workshop, receive your nine unique totem animals, the Seneca Nine Directional Medicine Wheel and discover how each totem represents specific archetypes and characteristics of the self.  Develop your ability to communicate with the Creature Teachers, accessing your gifts of birth through their wisdom and medicine to illuminate who you are – from the place of Soul.

Price: $120 plus HST ($135.60)
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Archetypal Shamanic Energy Medicine™ and the Wisdom of Sacred Sound - Saturday, December 2, 2017

The ancient practice of meditation, strongly established in universal Tribal traditions, is vital to our spiritual and physical unfoldment. This mindfulness course will help you define your understandings of meditation and discover the transformative power of Shamanic Meditation. You will learn about the various forms of meditation practices, obtain a glossary of definitions, and examine the difference between meditation and visualization in the Shamanic journey. You will receive specific techniques to apply the conscious use of Sound in conjunction with Shamanic Meditation, and learn to access the Soul through the inner landscape to deepen and expand your meditation and professional therapeutic practices.

Price: $75 plus HST ($84.75)
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The Wisdom of the Stone People -- Sunday, December 3, 2017

Learn the Shamanic Approach to reconnect to the Wisdom of the Stone and Crystal People.

Develop your ability to tune in to their messages and develop honouring conversations with the Mineral Kingdom in the day-to-day. Apply Archetypal Shamanic Energy Medicineprotocols and techniques to effectively clear, cleanse and program your stone and Medicine items.

Price: $120 plus HST ($135.60)
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To inquire for more information, or to register, contact: gaishedakheawok@gmail.com, arc@whisperingsong.ca, or phone: 416-588-4503.

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