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The Wisdom of the Pink Canoe

The Pink Canoe
As we open our hearts to The Divine Mother, we honour the Pink Canoe, which teaches us about our own Creativity.  It is said, that our spiritual life is directly connected to the Creative Life Force of the Soul.

Each of us, wherever we are in the journey of the Soul, are creative Beings who long to open to this part of our inner being.

Belief systems that equate creativity as a hobby, do not honour the wisdom of the Heart.

Learning how to manifest the magic of the Creation Story in our day-to-day supports us in honouring a magical creative existence.

The Pink Canoe supports us in understanding that it is our karmic responsibility to honour our creative higher purpose and in doing so, opens us to aspects of the Soul’s wisdom that our personality egos’ have long forgotten.

As we reflect this month on the Pink Canoe, take a risk and create a new page in your life and journey.  Open to new Creative perceptions, directions and opportunities, and Trust that you are a Creative Soul.

The Pink Canoe Supports us in opening our heart to the Magic of Creative Expression and the Right to Choice in how we choose to express.

May the Love of the Creation Story Bless you and Yours, and may you create and dance your Soul’s purpose.


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