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Fall Equinox, New Moon Blessings – The Green Canoe

The Green Canoe
As we open our hearts to the rhythm of the Fall New Moon Equinox and the Wisdom Wheels of The Indigenous People, we honour the inter-connectedness of Life. It is what we call, in our tradition, The Earth Walk. It is the gateway to balancing and inter-grating The Sacred Feminine (Life)(Earth) and The Sacred Masculine (Spirit)(Sun). Equinox is the time of balance and it is the mid-way point of both the Sacred Feminine and The Sacred Masculine.

The Green Canoe Archetype and Fall Equinox teach us to honour the harvest and, with courage, let go of what no longer serves us and to follow the cycles and natural rhythms. Letting go is the art of harvesting our Earthly Gardens and to develop a Soul Perception that everything is growing and changing and evolving.

The Green Canoe reflects the Wisdom of the Soul’s knowing of how we choose to LIVE. To learn to test our earth boundaries, and honour that we can Manifest and Create our Soul’s Wisdom on our Earth Walk – one step at a time.

I look forward seeing you on the journey. Happy New Moon Equinox.


The Green Canoe wisdom honours the direction of the West, the elemental of Fire, and the Creature Teacher, the Bear.  The Green Canoe teaches us to test and challenge the physical world, supporting us in understanding our limits and manifesting our dreams. In this new moon gate, open to new ways of living your life.

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