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Saint Germain and the Violet Fire


Saint Germain and the Violet Fire - CD– A Guided Shamanic Journey

This powerful shamanic meditation guides you through a journey of divine transformation as you experience the ancient transformational tool referred to as the “Cosmic Eraser.” Featuring the melodic and captivating voice of Gaisheda Kheawok, this beautiful meditation gracefully supports you to transmute that which is in the way of living the freedom of your Dreams. Infuse your journey with the empowerment of the Violet Fire, Archangel Zadkiel and Ascended Master Saint Germain. Instrumental for those who are experienced with meditation or those who are beginners, this transformative meditation CD offers rejuvenating and substantial support throughout your journey as a soul.

Facilitated by Gaisheda Kheawok, Medicine Person, Peace Elder and Master Meditation Teacher, Whispering Song School of Energy MedicineTM.

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Saint Germain and the Violet Fire

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