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Connecting to the Wisdom of the Soul

Connecting to the Wisdom of the SoulThis entrancing shamanic meditation gently guides you deep into the inner landscape toward a powerful and healing journey with your soul. The enchanting and resonant voice of Gaisheda Kheawok facilitates and guides you through an intimate journey of exploration to connect with your soul’s eternal wisdom. Perfect for those who are experienced with meditation or those who are beginners, this healing meditation CD offers consistent and emerging support and connection throughout your journey as a soul.

Facilitated by Gaisheda Kheawok, Master Meditation Teacher, Whispering Song School of Energy MedicineTM.

“You are a soul capable of full remembrance. Each of us has unique gifts and abilities to heal, to see, to communicate with the unseen worlds, and to hear the sound of our soul’s journey. I invite you to remember who it is that you are. With courage, heal the pain of the past and with wisdom, walk towards the dawn of a new tomorrow.”

In Her Name may it be so.

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Connecting to the Wisdom of the Soul

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